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The financing
of the project

- The financial estimation of the project is in progress -

The financing plan is an act of faith, the monastery has the assurance that God will provide for the needs in His time. If the project could be completed in three or five years, it would be a wonder; if its implementation would be spread over a longer period, it would also be the expression of God's will for the edification of Christ's church. This act of faith is the testimony in our rationalist world that God is alive and that He intervenes in our lives. This construction will concretely manifest that the proclamation of Christ in his Gospel is not a myth, but a present reality.

Why fund the project ?

To finance this project, the monastery has already received some donations and legacies before undertaking the feasibility study. In addition, it saved a little each month for when Providence would seek such a task. It has therefore set aside a sum, certainly insufficient, but at least permitting to carry preliminary studies and presumably earlier work. For the rest, the monastery has faith in divine intervention: if God blesses this project, and if it represents His will, He will find the donor(s) to carry out this work. For us,we must put "a message in a bottle" expressing needs and presenting the project - altogether rather modest in itself - hoping that someone will find the SOS and respond. This is what we see everywhere in the reconstruction of the Russian Orthodox: cathedrals are built in a few short years thanks to benefactors who are dedicated to helping monasteries, as they know the value for the world and for their personal salvation.

Many individuals, with generosity, as they are aware of the need to build a church and monastic cells, already express their charity and their love for God by providing their monetary stone to the church. The monastery is grateful to them, as they often do so by depriving themselves and giving of what they need and not of their abundance. "Small streams make big rivers", they say: their generosity is seen by God and more fortunate people will soon manifest themselves, perhaps sooner than we think.