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A typical day

Personal prayer time

5h - Matins, followed by services of the Orthodox liturgical calendar

8h - Monastery work

9h - Opening of the Athos Agora shop (Terrasson-Lavilledieu) 5/7 days.

11h45 - Terce and Sext services

12h15 - Lunch

13h - Resumption of work

17h30 - Closing the shop

18h - None and Vesper services

19h15 - Snack

20h30 - Personal prayer time


The sisters maintain two plots where walnuts of a respectable age are planted. They produce about two tons of Horn and franquette, a variety of large nuts grown in Périgord. These nuts are then dried, shelled then sold as whole kernels or processed by the monastery into nut cream and other delicacies.

The sisters also harvest figs from two huge fig trees. Cooked in the traditional and former way, in small quantities in copper basins, they are processed into jam. The monastery produces and sells about 6,000 pots of nut cream and 4000 jam jars under the Monastic label.

A typical day