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Daily life

As a small undertaking, the monastery developed due to the driving forces of the community and the rigorous management of resources. Through the work of the sisters, the area has found a new use and is embellished: sheep farming, growing nuts and receiving faithful make an orderly and harmonious life between heaven and earth.


By choice and by vocation, the sisters Mélanie, Grégoire, Ignace, Élianie and Madeleine as well as the sister superior, sister Silouanie, all placed under the spiritual direction of Father Elie, chaplain and founder of the community, have decided to open their doors to the faithful and laity in search of calm and spirituality. The Monastery of the Transfiguration is open to the public every day of the year. The crowds are higher on Sundays and feast days, as well as during the harvest of nuts and hay where goodwill is not amiss. The reception of the laity and faithful takes up a significant part of the time available to nuns and represents about a quarter of the monastery's budget.